Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

St. Augustine, Florida

Welcome to the Virtual Tour for the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine, Florida. The tour includes exterior features from the City Gates to the seawall of the oldest masonry fort and the best-preserved example of a Spanish colonial fortification in the continental United States.You you can follow the tour through the interior of the structure, with room explorations and 3D models found throughout as you follow along the guided trail. You can also head up the stairs to the upper gun deck and get the view from above, or explore the landscape and grounds.

Tips for a great tour
  • Make sure to click the info button to toggle on/off dynamic text that changes to image specific information as you move throughout the tour. 
  • The park map can also be toggled on/off by clicking the map icon in the lower left corner. 
  • Use the brown drop down box at the top of the map to access three different areas of the tour: the casemates and ravelinthe gun deck, and the fort grounds.
  • The maps for the tours have blue points that allow you to move or jump from location to location, and as you move you will notice a directional aspect in the map that lets you know where you are located. 
  • As you explore, when you see a park sign or other exhibit, bring them to life by clicking on them, accessing a high resolution image.  Simply hover your mouse over an area of interest and click on any of the red polygons that appear.
  • Try to find all the interactive 3D Models that are also available throughout the tour and can be accessed by clicking on the 3D button!  The 3D models are also annotated and able to be virtually inspected with features and areas of interest highlighted. 
  • Virtual tours can be viewed on your desktop or mobile device, and are Virtual Reality (VR) compatible. VR Compatibility is determined by the device being used to access the virtual tour.
  • Our 3D models also are enabled for augmented reality (AR) inspection using mobile devices. 

Virtual Tour

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

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