The Timberly Trust

Julia Daniels Moseley’s Granddaughter, Julia Winifred Moseley, would continue the tradition of preservation and outspoken concern for conservation, preservation, history, land, and nature.

Julia became especially vocal as Brandon development projects such as the Crosstown Expressway and wide-scale housing and commercial growth were swallowing areas all around her. She would make her voice known to agencies and local governments, especially in Brandon, and work tirelessly to help protect the environment. She fought against the destruction of Live Oaks lining Brandon’s Lakewood Drive with her idea to tie a yellow ribbon around the trees to help bring visibility to save them. Like her Grandmother before her, she was an avid reader and likely was influenced by battles raging over the preservation of the Everglades and the rampant development occurring across the Sunshine State. Newspaper clippings and writings from voices – especially women voices- such as Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Rachel Louise Carson, and Marjorie Harris Carr, were among documents and writings she clipped and archived at the Nest and were likely foundational to her creation of the Timberly Trust in 1992.

Preservation and interpretation are key to all we do 

— Julia Winifred Moseley, 2008


The Timberly Trust has as its mission to preserve in perpetuity the Moseley Homestead and its environs, in as natural a state as possible, as a National Register of Historic Places early pioneer Florida homestead (known as “The Nest). The Trust was created to ensure the protection of the house, both exterior and interior, accessory buildings, and the diverse natural Florida flora and fauna. The Trust works to provide the historical context about the Nest, the people and community associated with it, and about the architecture, art, décor, and how the site relates to the environmental surroundings.

The visioning of the Trust for the Moseley Homestead includes opportunities for scholarly research, writing, seminar, lecture, and exhibition potentials relating to local history, architecture, biology, geology, and significant archaeological findings. The development of in-residence programs for writers, naturalists, environmental scientists, and other scholars is envisioned.

The Timberly Trust, founded by Julia Winifred Moseley, continues to work to secure funding to preserve, share, and protect the Moseley Homestead so that future generations can appreciate the relevance of the past to the present and how humans and the natural world are connected.

Sandy road leading through The Timberly heading toward Ten Mile Lake through a stand of Long Leaf pines.

Officers & Advisors

Julia W. Moseley


(now deceased August 9, 2020)

Mark Singleton


Richard H. Pierce, Ph.D.


John Dingfelder


Mark Proctor


Kara Keyes

Registered Agent


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