Partners and Funding

Project Collaborator and Major Partner

The Timberly Trust
The Timberly Trust, a Florida 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has as its mission to preserve in perpetuity the Moseley Homestead and its environs, in as natural a state as possible, as a National Register of Historic Places early pioneer Florida homestead (known as “The Nest). The Trust was created to ensure the protection of the house, both exterior and interior, accessory buildings, and the diverse natural Florida flora and fauna. The Trust works to provide the historical context about the Nest, the people and community associated with it, and about the architecture, art, décor, and how the site relates to the environmental surroundings. 

Florida Division of Historical Resources

Small Matching Grants – and
Timberly Trust, Inc.
Moseley Homestead Short- and Long-Term Preservation, Renovation and Programming Plans

United States Department of the Interior
National Register of Historic Places, listed in 1985

Hillsborough County Landmark Program
Moseley Homestead “The Nest”, Hillsborough County register in 1991

3D and Heritage Preservation Program in Collaboration with the Timberly Trust and Architect Stephanie Ferrell, FAIA Architect, AR0007252

Tampa Bay History Center

Video Production


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