The Moseley Homestead
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Heritage is increasingly at risk…

facing natural and human caused disasters, damage from time or neglect, and challenges from development pressure and financial stress that can translate to loss or destruction of our tangible and intangible past. Join us as we demonstrate how we are using the latest technologies to digitally preserve and document the Moseley Homestead- a National Register of Historic Places site and landmarked property in Florida. This project serves as an example of how we can better protect our past while creating new opportunities for discovery, exploration, and learning. 

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The Moseley Family

The Architecture

The Environment

This historic 19th century homestead and the nearly 15 acres of lakefront lands are the last of their kind in the highly developed and urbanized area of Brandon, Florida. The homestead not only preserves a way of life, but also holds valuable resources and lessons relating to  environmental perspectives concerning landscape change in Florida, and provides social memory of the significant people associated with these lands, and gives a critical voice in particular to women in our State’s history.



The Center For Digital Heritage And Geospatial Information of the University of South Florida Libraries, in partnership with the Timberly Trust, are working to document, protect, and preserve the Moseley Homestead, an important national treasure and significant touchstone for the understanding of Florida’s early historic pioneer settlement.

sharing the moseley’s history

Do you have history or stories regarding Limona, the Moseley Homestead, or Moseley family?


Join us through this site to discover the people and the place, and learn about the legacy of the Moseley Family and Timberly Trust, whose efforts and partnership with the University of South Florida Libraries demonstrate how this place matters and is being preserved so that future generations do not lose sight of the past and understand the relevance and relationship to the present.

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