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Exploring and documenting the world around us in 3D

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The Center For Digital Heritage And Geospatial Information (CDHGI) in the USF Libraries, uses the latest in Reality Capture, 3D, and spatial documentation strategies to record heritage sites, landscapes, and objects from around the world. We are creating digital learning tools and library collections that promote heritage preservation research, education, and tourism interpretation strategies. Our work in applied historic preservation leverages digital technologies to rapidly record, analyze, visualize, and share information about our past. Our research and applied projects are having local, regional, national, and international impact – increasing heritage stewardship and conservation, and helping guide 3D research standards and ethics into the future.


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Cape Canaveral 3D Space History Program

Florida, USA

Medieval Armenian Art & Architecture


The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Florida, USA

The Quiriguá 3D Project

Quiriguá, Guatemala

About Our Research Projects and Library Digital Collections

The CDHGI is an interdisciplinary research initiative designed to meet the growing need for coordination and collaboration of education, research, and outreach efforts in the rapidly evolving areas of reality capture, geomatics, three-dimensional digital technologies, visualization, and Global Information Systems (GIS). CDHGI specializes in the application of these combined techniques relating to heritage sites, land management integration, and museum and collection documentation. These areas of specialization span the natural and social sciences, and emphasize cross-disciplinary engagement and research. More broadly, our methods and approaches are supportive of technology learning and high demand workplace skills, useful across domains and including strong global impact.

The CDHGI works to preserve and protect the world’s cultural and natural heritage through education and global engagement by creating interdisciplinary approaches to 3D research and curriculum that address real world issues and concerns. Our primary research areas focus on cultural and natural heritage digitization with emphasis on projects relating to climate change impacts on heritage, environmental integrated management, rock art and stone architecture digitization, museum collection 3D strategies, historic preservation and condition assessments, karst and cave site documentation, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) spatial database and digitization research support, and research relating to ethics, standards, and interpretation initiatives relating to 3D and Geographic Information Science (GIS) applications.

The CDHGI leverages the latest in terrestrial laser scanning and imaging tools, GIS, GPS and field survey technologies, along with VR, AR, and visualization strategies, to document heritage sites, landscapes, and objects. These approaches are brought together to create digital learning tools and online collections, made available through the USF Libraries. Our work is developing and supporting new means of research and inquiry using these technologies, workflows, and approaches.

Exploring and documenting the world around us in 3D

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